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Do you have an estate plan?

Our Long Island, NY estate planning attorneys offer a highly professional, yet completely personal approach to the estate planning needs of clients on Long Island, in New York City and beyond. We help clients formulate effective estate planning strategies and put a plan in place when they do not have one. We also update and revise existing estate plans for clients as needs and life situations change over time.

Medicaid and Medicaid Planning

Medicaid rules and regulations are complicated. Qualifying for Medicaid benefits involves an analysis of your resources and income. To be eligible for Medicaid, your resources can not exceed a certain level. To help clients achieve Medicaid eligibility, we employ numerous techniques, depending on their specific needs and goals.

Probate and Trust and Estate Administration

What is probate? What does it mean to probate a Will? Probate is the process by which a court approves a Will and supervises the distribution of the assets. Each client may require unique probate or estate administration services, including identifying, collecting and distributing assets and personal belongings, locating family members and or beneficiaries, working through family disputes such as when there is a Will contest,  and filing legal papers with the Courts.

 Long Island Estate Attorneys and Elder Law Attorneys

Long Island Estate Attorneys and Elder Law Attorneys

Long Island Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorneys

Berwitz & DiTata LLP is a law firm that practices in the areas of estate planning, retirement distribution planning, probate and trust administration and elder law. We assist clients in avoiding the mistakes that waste wealth and diminish dignity through a completely personalized and highly professional approach. We proudly represent clients throughout New York including Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island, Queens County, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Metro New York.

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and Estate Lawyers

Contact our team of Long Island, NY attorneys to help you with your estate planning, probate, trust and estate administration, and elder law issues. Schedule your appointment today.


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Estate Planning For Pets

Pets are frequently overlooked in the aftermath of an accident or death. Sometimes pets are only discovered days after a tragedy. As an introduction to this important topic, we wrote an article about Pet Trusts, a legally enforceable method to provide for the care and maintenance of pets in the event of the owner’s disability and/or death. The response to our article was overwhelming! We discovered that many of our clients and friends had never considered what would happen to their pets if something unexpected happened to them.

Our attorneys help you achieve the following objectives:

Estate planning

Do you have an estate plan? If you already have an estate plan, have you reviewed it with a Long Island estate planning attorney within the last three years?

Wills and Trusts

Do you have a last will and testament? A Trust? We can help.

Pet Trusts

Who will care for your pets when you die, become incapacitated, or become hospitalized?

Elder Law and Guardianship

The Elder law attorneys at Berwitz & DiTata LLP on Long Island provide expertise in legal services for the elderly, the disabled and their families.

Medicaid Planning Attorneys

Do you or a loved one need Medicaid? Rules and regulations are complicated. Let us help.

Business Succession Planning

Consider this: What will happen to your business if you become disabled?  If you and your business partner wish to part ways?  If you retire? If you die?

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