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Our Satisfied Clients

This law firm is extremely competent, effective and professional, and I highly recommend them for any estate litigation issue. Mr. Berwitz perfectly and expeditiously executed what needed to be done, and Ms. Dantuono was responsive, intelligent and diligent. These lawyers were flexible and quick to deliver. Mr. Berwitz is an effective interrogator and quickly uncovered a complex estate matter–and, he was very responsible with his fees. He was even creative in limiting my fees in the discovery phase, getting my adversary to bear most of those associated costs.

A. Alban

Fantastic Elder Care attorneys. Most especially, Maureen DiTata!!! She took her time explaining everything to my Mom. When my Mom didn’t understand confusing wording on a form Maureen would take the time to to explain it in simpler terms (ex: comparing a Trust issue with a bicycle wheel). Most importantly, She took 3 hours on our initial consultation, which is usually just an hour She was not letting my Mother leave until she completely understood everything. How many attorneys do you know who gives you an extra 2 hours without charging you?!?! Not to mention a wonderful staff. Unbelievably nice & helpful. I highly recommend Berwitz & DiTata, they’re worth every penny!!!

Sheryl K.

I had a GREAT experience using Larry and Maureen. I would highly recommend them.


Dear Sandra,

I wanted to thank you and Larry for all the assistance you’ve rendered to me and my family through this very trying and very long probate. I realize that you have repeatedy gone over and above the call of duty with our case and we are extremely grateful…Thank you once again, and on behalf of my family and myself I would like to wish you, Larry and both of your respective families a healthy and happy Holiday season.

Eric. L. B.

Dear Larry, Sandy, Arlene and Everyone,
Thanks so much for your spectacular handling of our case “Broderick.” I wanted to write sooner. I truly thought we had no chance in the beginning. You proved me wrong with your talent and expertise. I look forward to calling your firm in the future for anything to do with estates and wills.



Mary & Butler

To Berwitz & DiTata,

Thank you so much for helping to get Aunt Anny P. finally settled.

She has her own “place” with a bed next to windows, a full wall of them. The possibilities are endless for window dressings!

Aunt Anny is happy and well cared for. I’m sure her nephew, Robert can be very pleased. He’s resting peacefully.

Pat P.

Dear Maureen DiTata,

Thank you for your conscientious attention to everything for my estate planning; for your pateiance and kindness. I feel that you are my friend.

I also appreciate the efficiency and thoughtfulness of Joanne and Arlene.

My son Steve was happy to meet you too. Also my granddaughter Beth.

All the best,

Betty R.

Dear Maureen,

My sister and I would like to thank you and your staff for all the work that was accomplished regarding our parents’ financial planning over the past several years.The Wills, POA’s, Medicaid process, and the Estate of our Father were all handled by your law firm in a highly professional manner. We were always treated with respect and courtesy.

Your concern for your clients is obvious from the first meeting. Your advice and guidance over the years were invaluable to us. You explained everything clearly and answered all our questions with patience. We placed our trust and confidence in you and the other members of your law firm. We were left with gratitude for what you achieved.

We also appreciated the compassion that was given to us in the deaths of our parents. Losing both parents and selling the house where we all lived in such a short time frame was difficult for us. During our grief, you and your staff handled all the remaining details regarding the Medicaid process and the Estate of our Father. We truly appreciated everything that was done for us.

A thank you card was sent to Sandi, Cheryl and Arlene separately, as they were the people who we spoke with the most. However, we wanted to include thanks to the other members of your law firm who worked behind the scenes and with whom we had little or no contact.

Thank you again for everything.


Ann M.

Dear Maureen,

A long overdue thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my mother. Your legal expertise, compassion and effective tactics in dealing with a difficult family situation have been completely effective in protecting my mother’s welfare and giving me peace-of-mind.

Your staff has also been a pleasure to work with, particularly Sandi, Joanne and Arlene. They, too, have always been compassionate, friendly and on top of everything.

They always answered my questions promptly, in a language I could understand, and with complete courtesy.

We have a financial advisor at Vanguard now who I’m pleased with. My mother is declining – sleeping more, speaking less – but still recognizes and communicates with me and her aides. She’s amazing.

I’ll call you when it’s time to renew her will.


Best wishes,


Berwitz & DiTata is passionately ran by a team of brilliant individuals who take a genuine interest in your family’s well being. Maureen DiTata takes the time to fully understand each client’s situation, in order to lead them down the most effective path.

They are very pro-active in focusing on preventative law, setting everything up in proper place right from the start, so that both wealth & dignity does not diminish in times of peril. Talent and compassion packaged under one roof, can’t recommend enough!

Greg G.

The folks at Berwitz & DiTata are unbelieve. I wouldn’t have survived this last year without them. They have a strong knowledge of trusts and elder law. They helped my parents with their wills, finances, and Medicaid application. At no time did I feel like we were being spoken down to. They are all kind, patient, understanding, and compassionate. Thank you to the partners, lawyers, and staff.

Lauren M.