A Home for Sunshine

Sunshine is a beautiful, brown and white, 12 year old long-haired Dachshund.  She loves people, children and other dogs.  Sunshine’s owner is a client of ours.  Unfortunately, Sunshine’s owner can no longer remain at home.  Her chief concern was not for herself but for Sunshine, who had always lived in a loving home.  Her greatest fear was that Sunshine would be placed in a shelter.


Here, at Berwitz & DiTata LLP, we are all animals lovers — and all of us are “pet parents” to our office dogs Kepler and Copernicus.  We fully understood our client’s concerns.


Through our resources, we were able to connect with a rescue organization for Dachshunds.  We communicated with the organization and then connected the dots!  Our client was thrilled to learn that Sunshine will be cared for in a loving home for the rest of her days.  Better yet, the couple who originally agreed to “foster” Sunshine fell so in love with her that their home has become hers.


Because we helped to find Sunshine a new home, our client was able to refocus her attention on her own move and the things that she would require in her new surroundings.  The move our client has now made is never easy.  But we believe that knowing Sunshine will continue to be loved as she deserves will expedite her adjustment.  We have even forwarded photos of Sunshine, cuddling in her new home, to our client.  Our efforts helped to make a tough situation a little easier.


At Berwitz and DiTata, each of our clients and their family members, even the furry ones, are important.  We will take whatever steps are possible to ensure that a life changing transition goes as smoothly as possible.