Estate planning is important for all adults. Our priorities change as we age, if we marry, if we have children or pets or aging parents, if we have loved ones with disabilities and, of course, when we retire. But an estate plan is something that each of us should have.


Younger individuals and/or newly married couples frequently find it hard to focus on estate planning. They have many responsibilities: jobs, family, friends, continuing education, career building. They may postpone estate planning believing that there will be time for that “later.” Unfortunately, for some, later doesn’t come.


Estate planning may be the last thing on the mind of a newly expectant parent, one with young children or “four-legged children,” but what would happen if they suffered an accident or illness and were no longer able to care for those they love? The only way to ensure that your minor children are raised by the person whom you have selected is to designate a guardian in your last will and testament. Doing it the right way prevents litigation, guardianship proceedings and disagreements among family members. The most important thing for a child who has lost both parents is consistent care from the remaining family, not dissension, disagreement and custody battles. For those with “four-legged children,” planning is just as important. If you are in an accident or hospitalized, who has the right to enter your home and care for your pet? If you aren’t coming home, what happens? Proper planning is the key.


Berwitz & DiTata LLP is proud to announce our “Young Families Program.” The program is designed to help young individuals accomplish the goal of implementing an estate plan – to protect themselves and their families. We offer traditional estate planning at a significantly reduced rate.


As part of the “Young Families Program” those individuals who qualify will receive the essential estate planning documents: last will and testaments, powers of attorney, health care proxies and living wills. As part of the program we also offer a “Pet-Package” that ensures the protection of your pets and designates an individual with the legal authority to care for them and carry out your wishes.


At Berwitz & DiTata LLP we practice preventative planning for individuals of all ages. If you or a loved one might be eligible for our “Young Families Program” please give our office a call to schedule an appointment for a consultation.