While New York has been grappling with the coronavirus and is focused on this crisis, our legislature passed a new budget. As might be expected, because New York is facing huge deficits, major cuts were put into effect. Unfortunately, one of the programs which was drastically affected and is now facing major changes is Medicaid. Beginning on October 1, 2020, applicants for community based services (home care) will have a “lookback” period in much the same way that institutional Medicaid applicants do. Applicants for home care, those who require aides to assist them at home in the performance of activities of daily living, or those who need assistance in paying the cost of assisted living, will have to provide 30 months of financial data to support their applications and, if transfers were made during that period, a penalty will be imposed during which the applicant will have to pay for the cost of care while awaiting eligibility. Medicaid has also implemented changes in the process by which applicants are physically assessed. These are only some of the major changes in the way New Yorkers will receive Medicaid benefits. These budgetary cuts will have a drastic impact on the way in which applications are prepared and processed, but we can help you navigate this new system. Most importantly, there is still time to submit applications under the old rules. Please contact our office if you or someone you know is currently paying privately for aides, requires assistance or supervision at home or expects to be seeking nursing home placement. Time is of the essence. Medicaid applications must be promptly submitted.