Facility Prisoners

Perhaps the most tragic outcome of coronavirus is that our loved ones are becoming “facility prisoners” because they are unable to receive visitors and, in some circumstances, are confined to their rooms to prevent the spread of the virus within the facility. Being cut off from family can be disorienting and depressing. And if one is also confined to one’s room, without companionship or activities, the situation becomes even more dire. Now, more than ever, technology provides a means for staying connected. We have recommended that our clients print family photos and mail them to their loved ones, regularly. Arrange for a delivery of a special treat – and enclose with it a photo or a drawing. Call the facility and ask to arrange a video conversation with family members through FaceTime, Duo, Skype, Zoom or any other application that will allow for visual as well as auditory contact. While the use of new technology can be daunting, to the extent they are able, facilities are assisting residents in setting up calls and family conferences. We encourage anyone with a loved one in a facility to inquire about the possibility of scheduling a video conversation. There are also a number of resources through libraries, internet tutorials and “technology tutors,” private companies that assist seniors in learning new technology. It is important to try to find new ways to stay connected.