Introducing Family and Matrimonial Law at Abrams Fensterman, LLP

Abrams Fensterman has significant experience in representing clients who are involved in domestic disputes including those with complex financial concerns. Our attorneys understand these difficult matters and are committed to delivering the best possible outcome for each client and their family. They have proven their ability to successfully resolve the most complex and/or hotly contested disputes, and leverage their litigation expertise, innovative strategies, and personalized service to ensure client satisfaction.


Separation And Divorce


Our team represents clients in all aspects of matrimonial law including:


-Preparing and negotiating pre-and post-nuptial agreements


-Preparing, negotiating and litigating marital separation agreements


-Contested and uncontested divorces


-Complex or high profile divorces


-Spousal support agreements, both local and interstate


-Equitable distribution of marital assets and marital debts


Our attorneys have the expertise to assist clients in choosing the best mechanism for terminating or resolving their matrimonial disputes including litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce, and will guide clients through each phase of the proceeding. Moreover, we work together with the family and matrimonial team to ensure that the interests of disabled or special needs children are protected in a divorce proceeding.


Child Custody and Support


These issues are among the most sensitive and hotly contested. Our lawyers will help you find an arrangement that best suits you and your family. We can help with:


-Child custody




-Parental access


-Modification of child custody orders and agreements


-Child support enforcement and modification


-Complex litigation involving legal and/or physical custody, relocation and interstate jurisdiction under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA)


Consideration is given to what is in the best interests of each member of the family — children, mothers, fathers and grandparents.


Valuation and Distribution of Assets


In divorces, particularly those involving high net worth individuals, issues involving the valuation and distribution of assets often drive the course of the proceedings. Our lawyers are adept at identifying and analyzing assets and work closely with our clients to deliver a favorable settlement:


-Discovering and tracing assets and income, including those that are hidden or wasted


-Valuation and distribution of closely held businesses, professional practices, professional degrees and licenses


-Valuation and distribution of retirement accounts, 401K plans, 403B plans, pensions, stocks and bonds, ESOP and deferred compensation


If you, a family member, relative, friend or colleague requires assistance, advice, guidance or even a second opinion as to any of these matters, please contact Maureen DiTata, Larry Berwitz or Moriah Adamo at (516) 328-2300 and we will be happy to make an introduction for you.