New York State Excelsior Pass

Now that the CDC has relaxed rules for vaccinated individuals, and many businesses have fully reopened in New York State, it may become necessary for individuals to provide proof of a COVID19 vaccination. The New York State Excelsior Pass provides digital proof of vaccination. It is a free, fast and secure way to provide proof when mandated and participation in the program is voluntary. If you choose not to participate, you may show alternate proof such as your paper vaccination card.


The pass can be obtained online 15 days or more after your you have received your final vaccination. You can obtain your pass by accessing the Excelsior Pass website at, from your smart phone if you prefer digital access or your computer if you prefer a printed pass. The steps are simple and the prompts are easy to follow. Have your vaccination card handy. When you finish, your pass will be displayed.


If you have a digital wallet on your phone, you can easily download the pass to your digital wallet. Otherwise, you can print a paper copy and carry it with you or download an “Excelsior Pass Wallet” to your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You will now be able to easily access and provide proof of vaccination when necessary.